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NGE Garage Equipment Services LTD are proud to present the Bradock FR-6010, the ultimate combination of power, versatility and maneuverability.

The space-saving design is ideal for workshops, garages, tyre fitting bays, car enthusiasts and even home use. The mid-rise action makes it especially well suited to settings where ceiling-height is a consideration. Just drive over the low profile (105mm ) lift platforms and position the rubber lifting pads underneath the sills or jacking points of the vehicle and then lift to your required working height. The wheels of your vehicle will then be free to remove. Gives access to the underside of any vehicle, perfect for easy access to exhaust, gearboxes etc. Perfect for wheel removal and brake servicing.


Bradock FR-6010 3-ton mid-rise scissor lift

Heavy duty sycronized hydraulic dual acting cylinder rams with built in lift start technology, automatic safety lock, automatic top-limit switch, and electronic release ensure a smooth & powerful lift with a huge 3000kg capacity. Flat extendable platforms from 1420mm to 2028mm accommodate those extra long vehicles.


The Bradock FR-6010 can be bolted to the floor in permanent settings but its real beauty is in its maneuverability. For portable use the heavy duty mobile kit with heavy duty wheels is included in the price, making the lift and the control unit highly mobile. Can be used inside or out and runs off any domestic 240v outlet (plug fitted).


Unlike other scissor lifts, the Bradock FR-6010 has grease points fitted to scissor arm pivots, ensuring a smooth and long lasting life, and does not require air to operate.The lift is supplied with a set of 4 x standard rubber lifting blocks (various height & size rubber lifting blocks are available upon request) and a remote control if required.


All our lifts are CE Approved and complies with Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (L.O.L.E.R) and British Standard Lifting Equipment Regulations. All lifts come fully assembled, tested and supplied with free premium hydraulic oil before leaving our depot. We also offer a full service contract  (6 monthly) or (12 monthly) dependant on customer use or preferance.

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All measurements are in mm

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